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FROM THE 'ENTERPRISE' Front Page - Wednesday, January 13, 1999

Attorney disbarred - misuse of clients' funds

Blair attorney John R. O'Hanlon has been disbarred from practicing law after filing a "Voluntary Surrender of License" in the wake of an investigation by the Nebraska State Bar Association.

The Bar Association's Counsel for Discipline began investigating O'Hanlon in September after receiving a complaint about mismanagement of trust fund money.

The complaint alleged that O'Hanlon "used client funds for unintended purposes," that the accounts of the funds were below "the amounts which should have been in the accounts representing client funds," and that O'Hanlon "commingled personal funds with client funds."

The allegations centered on four estates: the Larry Kuhr estate, the George Campbell estate, the Katherine Rathjen estate and the Ruth M. Blanchard estate.

According to the allegations indicated in the opinion of the Supreme Court of Nebraska, "on Feb. 18, 1998, $25,722.98 was deposited into (O'Hanlon's) Washington County Bank

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